Fleming Stove Installations

Solid-Fuel Installation

We install all types of wood burning and multi-fuel appliances; traditional, inset and free-standing. We ensure we carry out all aspects of the job professionally from start to finish. We adhere to all current regulations and legislations set to ensure we leave you with not only a beautiful appliance, but an appliance that is safe to use. Wood burning and multi-fuel stove‚Äôs bring a charm and abundance to your home. Don't have a chimney? No problem. We are also approved to carry out twin-wall installations. Perfect if you would like a stove in a room without a chimney breast! Available in a range of colours to match your stove and set off any modern living space.

There are also significant environmental benefits to using wood as a fuel for heating - wood is considered carbon-neutral because burning logs release into the atmosphere only the carbon that the tree absorbed through photosynthesis while it was growing. Wood is a renewable resource and is often available locally, reducing the need for transportation.
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